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Utah Women & Leadership Podcast: A Bolder Way Forward Conversation

"A Bolder Way Forward is a statewide movement that is bringing together businesses, organizations, and individuals who are either already doing related work around women and girls or are ready to get engaged and lean into the work. If we are serious about ensuring that Utah women, girls, and their families better thrive, we need to create positive change much faster. A Bolder Way Forward leaders are working together to accomplish bold goals in 18 critical areas that require societal change, and one of these is Workforce Development. Dr. Susan Madsen, Founding Director of the UWLP, is joined by the leaders who are heading up the area—called spokes in the Wheel of Change— of Workforce Development. First, Robbyn Scribner, co-founder of Tech-Moms, and Kathryn Thomas, Executive Director of People Helping People."

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