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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering for People Helping People (PHP) is a unique and rewarding experience. Rather than offering case management, we actively recruit and engage volunteer business professionals to share their time, talents, and workplace experiences to help our clients through one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Our volunteers help clients develop the tools, knowledge, and self-confidence necessary to compete for better jobs, seek raises and promotions, and eventually earn an adequate income.

Volunteers help clients learn successful workplace behaviors, develop critical employment tools, and explore the job search process. Working with business professionals also provides an opportunity for clients to meet a variety of people representing a wide range of job types and industries. This interaction helps them expand their options and discover opportunities that might otherwise not be available to them. Each year, with the help of over 150 volunteer business professionals, we provide our clients with valuable access to good employers, successful employment behaviors, and a support system of mentors and coaches dedicated to providing the encouragement and support necessary for ongoing and long-term successful employment.

Successful Volunteers have:

  • 5+ years of consistent workplace experience.

  • Can provide professional references and a background check.

  • Have previous experience mentoring others.

My mentor changed my life. She helped me see that I could do anything I put my mind to. I have worked for the Federal

Government for over 10 years, am currently on my 5th promotion and have increased my salary by 137%. I travel with my job, and I oversee $60 million dollars in government contracts. I bought a new home and sent my daughters to college. The program helped me so much that I recently returned to volunteer as a Phase 1 Coach.   

Marcie B.

—Program Graduate

Why Volunteer?

PHP volunteers are able to network with other business professionals, gain mentoring skills, and develop an enlightened perspective from each client they interact with. 

Our volunteers become role models of PHP's Four Core Principles:

1) Commitment

2) Positive attitude

3) Willingness to learn

4) Contribute to the bottom line

By sharing your expertise and knowledge of the workplace, you can directly impact and empower single mothers and low-income women. 

Online Meeting

Ways to Volunteer

Nearly all volunteering with PHP is conducted virtually through platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. This format offers you the opportunity to contribute to the community in a meaningful way while also maintaining flexibility to your own schedule.

To learn more about becoming a Phase 1 Coach, Phase 2 Mentor, or Education Facilitator, call us at 801.583.5300 or send our team an email at

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