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Become a Client

People Helping People is a self-paced employment program. Women can enroll at any time. Clients start by attending a New Client Program Overview so that they can learn about program requirements and expectations and meet staff. There is no obligation to participate. 

Our next Program Overview dates can be found here. To receive a call from PHP staff, please fill out our INTAKE FORM.

Call 801.583.5300 or email us at for more information.

Students in Cafeteria

​•   Build self-confidence and self-esteem
•   Learn how to overcome barriers that prevent success 
•   Learn about community resources and identify solutions
•   Network with women who are successful in the workplace
•   Meet potential employers
•   Create a resume
•   Develop effective interview skills
•   Realize you have skills and experiences that are valuable to an employer
•   Learn how to find a job you enjoy, with good pay, good benefits and the 

potential to advance​

As A Client You Will

We Can Help

If you are a low-income woman or a single mother:

•   Tired of being in a dead-end job
•   Without a professional resume
•   Feeling that you don’t have any marketable skills
•   Rarely receiving a follow up after
the first interview
•   Not knowing what kind of career you would enjoy
•   Unsure how to make your skills relevant to

     an employer
•   Not feeling like anyone will hire you
•   Having trouble keeping a job
•   Facing barriers to employment that are challenging 

     to overcome

People Helping People can help!

Working from Home

"As the primary provider for myself and my child, I was stuck in a hostile work environment. I didn't have a High School Diploma and was afraid. People Helping People helped me realize I could make a change, that there was a better opportunity for me. They encouraged me to get my HS Diploma and helped me land a great job. I have received a promotion and have increased my income by 35%. I have full benefits and a 401K, and recently enrolled in college with tuition reimbursement from my employer.  I have purchased a new car and have taken my family on vacation. 

People Helping People helped me gain confidence and discover that I had lots of options and a very bright future."

Maria C.

—Client Success Story

People Helping People is a commitment

to yourself, your children, and your future.

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