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Our Impact

At PHP, we believe that when moms do better, kids do better. 

When kids do better, communities do better.

When communities do better, we all do better.

People Helping People serves over 1,000 women a year who participate in coaching, mentoring, and employment know-how workshops. 

Every single mother or low-income woman we transition from welfare to employment saves our community around $5,000 to $20,000 annually.

PHP clients who advance through all 4 phases of our program become successfully employed and self-sufficient. Many become Ambassadors of the PHP program and several volunteer as coaches and mentors.

Our Focus

What Makes People Helping People Unique?

Most employment agencies help their clients apply for jobs, write resumes, and practice interviewing.  However, the women we serve need more.  To give our clients a better chance for employment success, we teach everything from the Employer’s Perspective.  Clients learn that employers hire them to solve problems not be one.  We discuss how companies hire and promote employees who:

1. Follow through with Commitments: Show up every day, on time, ready to work.

2. Have a Good Attitude: Be someone other people want to be around.

3. Possess a Willingness to Learn: Look for ways to increase your skillset. 

4. Contribute to the Bottom Line. 


Our Mission

Our Mission

PHP is dedicated to reducing the number of children living in poverty by teaching low-income women, primarily single moms, how to earn an adequate income through successful employment.

Successful employment makes a huge difference in the lives of the women and children we serve in our program.  Women who become successfully employed contribute in many ways.  They become tax paying citizens, support the economy by purchasing goods and services, become homeowners, and send their children to college.

At PHP we believe that when moms do better, kids do better; when kids do better, communities do better; and when communities do better, we all do better.

Mother Working from Home

Our Work

We help clients see themselves as primary earners rather than supplemental earners. 

Working with business professionals provides an opportunity for clients to meet and learn from a variety of people.  This interaction helps them expand their options and discover opportunities that might otherwise not be available to them.


We provide long-term employment support.  Employment agencies often stop working with clients once they get a job, however, our clients understand that getting a job is just the first step toward earning an adequate income. We are here to support them long-term.

Client Success Stories

PHP expects every client to reach success and helps them to identify what success looks like for each of them individually.

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