Successful employment makes a huge difference in the lives of the women and their children. 

Women who become successfully employed contribute in many ways.  They:

become tax paying citizens,

support the economy by purchasing goods and services,

become homeowners and

send their children to college. 

 Help us break the cycle of poverty by supporting low-income women and single moms

as they work to build a better future for themselves and their families.

Become a Financial Friend

There are several ways to support

People Helping People (PHP).

To learn more about becoming a financial friend, contact us at or at 801.583.5300.

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To make an individual donation simply click on the donate link above. 

For information on how you can get your company involved or to sponsor or host an event, contact us at 801.583.5300 or

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Things to Know

We leverage your donation. Each year we effectively manage over $150,000 in volunteer hours and in-kind donations.  

We are private sector funded.  The bulk of our funding comes from Corporations, Foundations, Organizations and Individuals who are dedicated to helping people help themselves.

Administrative and fundraising costs are below average. 86% of all donations go directly to support the services that benefit low-income women and single moms.

PHP is a 501(c)3 organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

We stay in touch.  Donors receive a Hot Sheet each quarter reporting on program activities, client served and event results.  Click here for our current Quarterly Hot Sheet.

People Helping People changes lives for moms and their children. 

My daughter was 14 when I first enrolled in PHP.  She is now 22.  Over the years, as I participated in the program, she watched my confidence rise

and my hard work payoff.  She worked very hard as well earning her Associates Degree the same year she earned her high school diploma and we both

walked  together at our commencement ceremony.  We continued with college, motivating and supporting each other and she graduated with

honors at age 20.  PHP has taught me to view challenges as opportunities, not obstacles.  My daughter has  adopted that same approach,

stepping outside of her comfort zone to build her skill set and accomplish her goals.

Jenny Scheafer – Program Graduate

Special Education Teacher

At People Helping People we believe the only 

permanent route out of poverty is an adequate income. 


Our Employment Program, through the work of dedicated volunteers and staff, is committed to

creating an environment where the women we serve can and will flourish both in their careers and in life. 

We believe that when moms do better, kids do better. When kids do better, communities do better,

and when communities do better, we all do better.


Thanks for your support.