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Utah Women & Leadership Podcast

"A single mother is a primary caregiver of one or more dependent children and identifies as separated, widowed, divorced, or never married. According to Utah data, there were 70,647 single-parent families with children in 2021; of these, 69.2% were headed by single mothers. Being a single parent can present specific challenges for the parent as well as their children. Given that most single-parent households in the US and Utah are headed by women, understanding the unique needs of single mothers nationally and within Utah is an essential step in tailoring programs to help women thrive. This episode highlights a Utah Women & Leadership Project (UWLP) research snapshot about single mothers in Utah. Dr. Susan Madsen, Founding Director of the UWLP, is joined by Kristy Hodson, a professor of Professional Communication & Leadership at Western Governors University, and Kathryn Thomas, executive director of People Helping People, a nonprofit that assists low-income women and single mothers."

September 21, 2023

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