People Helping People (PHP) is an Employment Program dedicated to helping low-income women and single moms reach their full potential in the workplace. PHP helps families break the cycle of poverty by teaching low-income women how to earn a living wage. Our Employment Program offers a unique, long term, one-on-one approach that helps low-income women develop the tools, knowledge and self-confidence to compete for better jobs, seek raises and promotions and eventually earn an adequate income.

We believe that the only permanent route 

out of poverty is an adequate income.


People Helping People has gone virtual!

Our staff at PHP has been working overtime to find creative ways to continue to provide you with valuable employment coaching and mentoring services.  We are excited to let you know that we have created a virtual coaching system that will allow you to receive coaching, mentoring and employment education from the comfort of your home. 


To view our current schedule, visit our Facebook Page or click here.

To schedule an online coaching or mentoring appointment, email info@phputah.org.