WE Invest in Women

A grassroots organization dedicated to changing the economic lives of

low-income women and single mothers in our community.

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Who Are We?

WE Invest in Women (WIW)

was created to leave a

financial legacy

that ensures People Helping People’s
ongoing financial stability

by encouraging current donors

to continue to invest in our program,

finding new donors to invest 

their resources with us, and to


individuals, organizations and companies

who through their generosity

are making a lasting difference

for women and children in our communities.   

Invest in Futures!


Become a member of WIW today and help us in our efforts to 

break the cycle of dependence and poverty.

Meet women like you who are changing the lives of single moms and their children
by investing in the long-term financial health of PHP!

For a membership form, click here. For more information, contact us at info@phputah.org or 801.583.5300.

Membership Has Benefits!

As a WIW member you will:

  • Be invited to attend our Legacy Awards events

  • Meet and network with other successful philanthropists

  • Learn firsthand from graduates about the impact of your investment

  • Help honor individuals and organizations doing great things for women and their children in our community

  • Invest in long-term change for women and children

People Helping People 

changes lives and you can too!

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PHP helps single moms believe they
can become successfully employed,

then provides them the tools,

education and support to do it.

                Susan Richards - Past Board Chair