People Helping People (PHP) offers educational workshops every other Saturday. We break them down into two categories: Flexible Thinking and Employment Foundations. Flexible Thinking workshops are about getting into the mindset of a full-time, primary earner. Employment Foundation workshops focus on employment tools, job search, and the application process.

Flexible Thinking Workshops include Commitment and Attitude, Critical Connection, Barrier Breakthrough, and If You're Going to Play Make It Pay. Employment Foundation Workshops include Resumes That Sell, Stepping Up Standing Out, During the Interview, Getting a Job is a Full Time Job, and Difference Between a Job and Career.

Working with Becky was such a joy. She is always prepared and eager to learn.  Through hard work and focus she has landed a great job and I am confident she will be successful and a valued employee.  Although I was her mentor, I learned a lot from her as well.  This has been a terrific experience. 

                                                          Kaye Hansen

                                                  Wells Fargo Bank

Coaching and Mentoring

PHP has four phases of coaching and mentoring. The benefits of coaching include building a great resume, recognizing hard and soft skills, creating a master job application, making a financial break even analysis, building a professional network, and receiving ongoing job support. 

Phase 1 - Coaching Employment Preparation

Phase 2 - Resume and Job Search

Phase 3 - Employment Strategies and ongoing

                  Job Support

Phase 4 - Women's Professional Network and
                   Career Development


Employer Meet and Greets

Once a month, PHP facilitates an Employer Meet and Greets where clients meet with 3-5 employers to learn about their employment opportunities and connect with valuable community resources.   Only employers who have entry-level positions with upward mobility, competitive pay, employee benefits and training and educational opportunities are invited to attend.  Employer Meet and Greets provide clients an opportunity to learn about a variety of industries and job types, gain valuable insight and receive useful advice from hiring managers and human resource professionals.  


Single Mothers Seminars

​PHP hosts a Spring and Fall Single Mothers Seminar which includes an Employer Open House and Resource Fair. Attendees meet with 30+ local and national employers where they learn about their companies and job opportunities, as well as visit with community resources that focus on helping working moms.  The Single Mothers Seminar also includes a seminar with a guest speaker or panel of business professionals who share their expertise and discuss important topics relating to career development and advancement.