Become an Employer Partner

Employer partners are a critical component of People Helping People's (PHP's) employment program.  Each year, with the help of over 80 local and national employers, we provide valuable access to great companies who are dedicated to helping our clients learn about a wide variety of job types and industries.  In addition, clients receive useful employment tips and advice to gain a better understanding of how partnering with employers can help them achieve their long-term employment goals. ​

Why Do Employers Partner with PHP?

We teach employment concepts from the employer’s perspective.

Clients learn their number 1 job is to find out what their employer wants and give it to them.’

They are taught that employers hire them to solve their problems, not be one!

Through workshops and one-on-one coaching and mentoring clients learn that employers want them to:

  • Show up every day, on time, ready to work

  • Have a good attitude

  • Be willing to learn

  • Contribute to the bottom line

This approach is unique and appeals to employers looking for good, hard working employees.


People Helping People

provides opportunities for clients to meet

employers through monthly

Employer Meet and Greets

and bi-annual

Employer Open Houses

featured at our

Spring and Fall
Single Mothers Seminars.

The Single Mothers Seminar is a great avenue to share our employment opportunities

with those who might not know about our company.  This year we saw

over 75 prospective employees in a 2-hour period. We look forward to attending again.

Carie Raddatz, PHR, Recruiting Adviser

PacifiCorp/Rocky Mountain Power/Pacific Power

Who Are PHP Clients?

Employers who hire our clients can expect to find people who have:

  • demonstrated the ability to complete assigned tasks

  • participated in several hours of personal development workshops

  • shown they can honor their commitments

  • surrounded themselves with a support team

  • identified resources to overcome barriers/challenges

  • developed a network of other working women

  • increased their personal responsibility and problem solving abilities

  • an understanding of what is necessary to add value in the workplace

  • demonstrated a willingness and ability to learn

  • completed several PHP certifications

If you are interested in hiring resourceful, motivated and capable employees, 

contact us  to learn more about the criteria for becoming an Employer Partner.