Volunteering for People Helping People (PHP) is a unique and rewarding experience.   Rather than offering case management, we actively recruit and engage volunteer business professionals to share their time, talent and workplace experiences to help our clients, through one-on-one coaching and mentoring,  as well as develop the tools, knowledge and self-confidence necessary to compete for better jobs, seek raises and promotions and eventually earn an adequate income.

Volunteers help clients learn successful workplace behaviors, develop critical employment tools and explore the job search process.  Working with business professionals also provides an opportunity for clients to meet a variety of people representing a wide range of job types and industries.  This interaction helps them expand their options and discover opportunities that might otherwise not be available to them. 

Each year, with the help of over 100 volunteer business professionals we provide our clients with valuable access to good employers, successful employment behaviors and a support system of mentors and coaches dedicated to providing the encouragement and support necessary for ongoing and long-term successful employment.

Why Volunteer?

As a volunteer you will:

Touch lives by teaching and role-modeling workplace and life skills
Share what you have learned about getting along and ahead at work
Receive training to develop coaching and mentoring skills
Network with other business professionals
Help clients increase personal responsibility and problem solving abilities
Discuss challenges, focus on solutions, and provide support 
Develop a new perspective on the challenges single mothers and low-income women face
Make a difference in the lives of women and children in our community

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer at PHP. We are always looking for business professionals to volunteer as a:

Coach or Mentor

Employment Strategies Advisor

Workshop Facilitator

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities for yourself and/or your co-workers, call us at 801.583.5300 or send us an email at info@phputah.org.

My mentor changed my life.  She helped me see that I could do anything I put my mind to.  I have worked for the Federal

Government for over 10 years, am currently on my 5th promotion and have increased my salary by 137%. I travel with my job,
and I oversee $60 million dollars in government contracts.  I bought a new home and sent my daughters to college. 

                                          The program helped me so much that I recently returned to volunteer as a Phase 1 Coach.                                                                                                                  Marcie Bainson—Program Graduate