Become a Community Partner

Collaboration is very important to our organization because it not only provides a source of new clients, but also eliminates the duplication of services already being delivered in our area. We work closely with community agencies and resources, government programs and religious organizations to create awareness of our services and to ensure that our clients are aware of and engage in the programs and resources most beneficial to them. 

How Do Clients Benefit from Our Program?

Most low-income women and single moms

know how to find basic services such as,
housing, food stamps, heat assistance, etc.

However, many struggle to identify the resources

and programs that can

help them change their situations.  

Referring clients to our program gives them an
opportunity to explore employment
as an option for providing for their family. 

Clients focus on developing the skills to get a good job, keep a good job, and get ahead in a good job.  They learn how to partner with employers to turn a job into a career, enroll in company training and education reimbursement programs, and negotiate raises and promotions; skills that are critical for financial self-sufficiency.

Refer Your Clients

If you have clients who:

  • need a better job with a better employer,

  • are tired of just getting by,

  • want a better future for themselves and their children

We Can Help!

Referring your clients is easy. 

Complete our Client Referral Form here.

Clients will receive:

  • our monthly employment tips newsletter,

  • emails about program overviews and

  • upcoming Single Mothers Seminars

  • outreach phone calls inviting them to attend a program overview

  • employment phone support

Contact us to become community partner.

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We are proud of our 26 year partnership with the Department of Workforce Services. 

People Helping People Community Legacy Awards presented to Department of Workforce Services, Jolene Christian Hill, Yvette Woodland, Karla Aguirre

What Makes Us Unique?

Our program teaches everything from the employer’s perspective.  We help clients understand that companies hire them to solve their problem, not be one.  We remind clients that employers want them to:

  1. Show up every day, on time, ready to work

  2. Have a good attitude

  3. Be willing and able to learn

  4. Contribute to the bottom line

We help clients start to see themselves as primary earners rather than supplemental earners. 

Working with business professionals, who volunteer to help them learn successful workplace behaviors and build employment tools, provides an opportunity for clients to meet a variety of people and to learn about their jobs and companies.  This interaction helps them expand their options and discover opportunities that might otherwise not be available to them. 

We provide long-term employment support.  While other employment focused programs stop working with clients once they get a job, our clients understand that the journey toward earning an adequate income is a process, that it takes time and that we are here to support them long-term, on their journey towards earning an adequate income.

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