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    Help us break the cycle of poverty by sharing your successful work experiences, becoming a coach or mentor, employing our clients, making a contribution or referring a low-income woman. Attend our next program Overview to learn more.

    As a mentor, I'm able to share my workplace experiences, which help my clients see how she can become successful. I see the success of the other clients too and want to make sure this resources is available long-term. - Kathleen Koprowski, Mentor

    Volunteers are an integral part of our program's success.

    People Helping People manages over $150,000 in volunteer hours each year.

    Approximately 65 local business professionals serve as volunteer mentors, coaches and trainers each year. 

    Volunteer FAQ

    Why Volunteer?

    Volunteering at People Helping People is a great way to help women in our community succeed in the workplace...and in life.

    What type of background or experience do I need to Volunteer?

    No special training is required. All you need is the desire to share your valuable time and energy with our clients.

    How do I become a volunteer?

    Your first step is to attend a Program Overview. This will give us a chance to share our program with you, answer your questions, and discuss how to best utilize your skills, time and talent. 

    Are there volunteer opportunities besides Coaching/Mentoring?

    We have opportunities to fit every schedule and if working directly with clients isn't for you, sign up for one of our communities or to help with our events. They are fun and you will meet lots of great people.



    Become a volunteer